Tanzania Safari 

Covers Mikumi, Selous, Ruaha, Katavi Mahale Mountains and Gombe Stream

Day 1: Arrival at Dar es Salaam

Day 2: Travel to Mikumi NP Mikumi is one of the easily accessible national parks in Tanzania; about 280km southwest of Dare s salaam on the Tanzam highway.  Its closeness to the Selous reserve makes it a good site for the African big mammals, though the park is significant for birds. We shall arrive there in time for lunch and then have an afternoon game drive. We will stay at Vuma hills tented camp.

We will start our game drive from the park headquarters and move through the Mkata flood plains up to the hippo pools on the Mkata River where we expect o meet large congregations of hippos, zebras buffalos warthogs crocodiles and waterfowls like water dikkops, jacanas, long-tailed cormorants, fish eagle, saddle-biled, open-billed, abdim’s sorks etc. other species of interest in this park as we continue  west after the flood plains to the edge of woodland are yellow baboons and violet-crested turacos, Zanzibar red bishops, white-headed black chats, helmeted shrikes, hartlaub’s bustard, purple-crested turacos, trumpet hornbills, dickson’s kestrel etc.

Day 3: Transfer to Selous. This reserve is adjacent to Mikumi; as we transfer, we shall have a spell of African big congregation of elephant, look out for African huting dogs, black rhino, lion, giraffe, lichtenstein hartebeest, sables etc. We shall check in at Sable Mountain Lodge and have our lunch there as we prepare for an afternoon boat cruise along the Rifiji River. This is a very excellent site for the Pel’s fishing owl, african skimmer, white-headed plovers, African fish eagle, saddle-billed stork, white-backed night heron, squacco heron etc.

Day 5: whole day in selous

Day6: Travel to Ruaha

Day 7:Whole day in Ruaha

Day 8: Travel to Katavi

Day 9: Whole day in Katavi

Day 10: Travel to Mahale mountains

Day 11: Whole day in Mahale mountains

Day 12: Travel to Gombe stream

Day 13: Whole day in Gombe

Day 14: Fly to Dar es Salaam and departure

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