Bird Uganda Safaris is a leading birding company in East Africa, with a team of well-trained and licensed bird guides who are experts in the region. The company is headed by its Managing Director and founder, Herbert Byaruhanga, who is affectionately known as the “papa of tourism” in Uganda for his contributions to the industry.

With over two decades of experience, Herbert has dedicated himself to birding, training bird guides and other tourist guides. He has also led a campaign to empower women birders to offer professional services in the country and he is the driving force behind the International Conference for Women Birders, which is scheduled to take place in December 2023. Furthermore, He is currently the head of the apex body of the tourism trade association in Uganda and the chairman of the Tourism and Hospitality Sector Skills council.

Herbert Byaruhanga is well known as a guest speaker at international birding events and festivals, adding more value to the company’s services.

Bird Uganda Safaris offers a range of professional and memorable services such as birding safaris, gorillas and birds, mammals tours, butterfly tours, student tours and cultural and wildlife adventures. With the company’s expertise and Herbert’s leadership, you can be sure of an unforgettable and authentic experience while exploring Uganda’s rich avifauna and other wildlife.

World-Class Guides and Adventure Planners

Our guides and adventure planners are the first reason you should travel with us. All our guides are personable, friendly, active birders, knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and empathetic people who love sharing and showing off our beautiful destinations.

Our Director and Lead guide Herbert Byaruhanga is instrumental in founding Uganda Bird Guides’ Association and pioneering birding as a mainstream product in Uganda. Having spent years observing, and photographing birds and nature, he realized the great potential of Africa as one of the leading tourist destinations. He has hence spent years training youth, women, and other marginalized communities to realize their potential in the industry and enabled them to start earning a much-needed income in tourism.

We have trained and rely on local site guides for all our tours. We use our amassed knowledge to entertain our visitors, ensuring every aspect of your trip is safe, enjoyable, enlightening, educative, and full of long-lasting memories of Africa.

Touring Variety and Innovative Adventures

At Bird Uganda Safaris, we are always looking to provide new and unique experiences to get you off the beaten track to special underrated destinations. Our first-hand knowledge of birding, nature, and adventure travel is unmatched, as we continue to evolve each year with new innovative activities and programs. We also continue to perfect our classic tours, so that even the most experienced traveler will be inspired by our range of diversity and interesting itineraries.

We are based on the ground and we invest ample time and resources to learn about new sightings, new activities, and destinations opening up around Africa for tourism. We have spent years building relationships around Africa and have grown a team of partners who understand our missions and values. We run trips to these exciting places several times in the year and with our client’s feedback, we understand and use their experiences to further perfect each itinerary. We enhance your journey with authentic experiences, genuine cultural experiences, and exploration to less traveled places.

Incredible Value

Few tour operators offer our combination of quality hotels, small group sizes, and educative cultural immersions in all our itineraries- at the amazing prices we charge. We are pioneers in designing and running ground-breaking bird-watching itineraries with constant upgrading of trails, destinations, and activities depending on real feedback and research we get on our ongoing trips.

We pride ourselves with our 5-star ratings and the feedback we receive from our guests. We provide friendly and highly-personalized services before, during, and after your safari, until when you arrive back home. We understand we need to always provide our clients with more value for their money and your satisfaction is significant to our success. We use past insights of the trips we have run to enhance the quality of service of all our tours and your overall experience.

Inspired Hotels and Cuisine

Accommodation is one of the factors that make or break a tour. After a great day of absorbing nature and breathtaking sightseeing, we all crave hot showers, delicious food, and warm comfortable beds to prepare for the next day’s adventures. We choose lodges with wonderful landscapes and reputations, based on reviews and our experience with them over the years.

We base our itineraries on a full-board basis and when we have to spend the days in the wild enjoying nature, we plan for healthy packed lunches we can enjoy picnic-style.

We confirm all bookings months before you travel and we cater to special requests in case of accessibility and dietary requirements.

We Give Back

With our itineraries, we often interact with the local communities. We share their knowledge, delight in their stories, are entertained by their dances, and indulge in the delicious local cuisines. When you travel with Bird Uganda safaris, a portion of what you pay remains within these communities. We aim at minimizing all negative effects of tourism while promoting the positive impact of our safaris. With the inclusion of culture in our itineraries, we create jobs, preserve the amazing African culture and traditions, interpretation of the norms, and wildlife preservation while restoring wonderful landscapes. The inclusion of cultural tours is what makes our itineraries special and unique.

Bird Uganda Safaris for over 20 years has been promoting Gender Equality by supporting women in tourism. We have initiated and successfully run initiatives like the Uganda Women Birders Club, which has been spread to grow similar initiatives with trainings to create Kenya Women Birders and Rwanda Women Birders.  The most recent project we have run is the Karamoja Women Birders where ladies from the marginalized region of Karamoja have been trained and skilled to run and manage birding in the rich area. They are now able to sustain their lives and those of their families.

Peace of Mind

At Bird Uganda Safaris, creating personal connections is our mantra. We are passionate about travel and we advocate for perfect experiences that will leave you with fond memories of Africa. Whether a planned itinerary or a custom-made request, we work with you to personalize the tour to your request.

We advise you on what would work perfectly for your tour group, and travel partners. We always ensure you are kept up to date with all information about all activities, programs, and routines to be expected during your trip. We believe in briefing and de-briefing clients before their excursions and every evening before they break off for the night so they are prepared for the next day’s activities.

In case of any emergencies, we are always there to make things right so that your tour goes on perfectly as it was planned.

When you book with Bird Uganda Safaris, you have a team for you ready to help no matter where you are.

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