Young Birders Club

Young Birders Club of Uganda

Young people have for so long been looked at as the ambassadors of tomorrow. This is true in many aspects but little has been done to raise their concern about the environment. Being sympathetic to the environment should be a responsibility of the young people. They are supposed to be the eco-conscious and environmentally-friendly age group. The club educates the children and youth to appreciate, protect and conserve birds and their habitats for a sustainable wildlife heritage in Uganda.

In general, the club promotes active engagement in environmental concerns by school children in addition to what the classroom has to offer. Children and the youth find much pleasure in birding, butterfly viewing, and general nature appreciation, as well as social interaction while enhancing their knowledge and skills in environmental awareness and protection.

Members include children (junior members) from the age of 7 to 12 years, and teen/youth members of the age group 13 to 18 years.
Bird Uganda Safaris also runs another project to support girl child education – Girl Child Education – Click

The objectives of the Club include

  • To instill the young generation to appreciate, protect and conserve birds and their habitats for the future generations in Uganda.
  • To promote leisure friendly activities among the young people by establishing an eco-conscious group.
  • To build capacity of the children and youth for biodiversity conservation.

Future Prospects

  • Identifying partners with similar objectives for networking for the sustainability of the activities.
  • Taking part in research and conservation projects
  • Carrying out ornithological surveys and inventories for different sites
  • Participation in the special events like World Environment Day, World Bird Watch Festival, Wildlife Action Awards, etc.

The project activities include nature walks conducted in secure and easily accessible wild areas within Uganda.

Birding Entebbe Botanical GardensUganda. The promoters of the club comprehend that intensive knowledge and skills about nature at an early age would be the best approach to motivate children to become professionals in environmental conservation and protection in the future.

Bird Uganda Safaris has been undertaking the project with the help of birding equipments, guidebooks, and other educational materials, all donated by the American Birding Association and other wellwishers from all over the world.

Donate to the Young Birders Club of Uganda

At the moment, the club is in the process of formalizing all its activities to prepare for the ‘Young Birder of the Year’ contest which is scheduled for October 2008.
The promoters therefore request for financial and material support from any interested organization(s) or individuals to implement the activities of the club at a much broader operational capacity.

If you are willing and able to make any contribution, please contact:

Young Birders Club of Uganda
P. O. Box 33164, Kampala – Uganda
Tel: +256 313 289048, Mob: +256 777912938