Bird Uganda Safaris was established in 2002 and is headquartered in Kampala Uganda. Over the years the company has lead tours for Mass Audubon society USA, Vent Bird Tours USA, Tropical Birding Tours, Peregrine Bird Tours Australia, Naturalist Journeys, Avian Journeys USA, Sandpiper Journeys USA, Mark Prnd etty Nature Tours USA Malimbe Safaris Neblina Forest Puembo Birding Garden Sandwich Bird Tours Inala Nature Tours Bellbird Birding Tours and African Geographic.
The company hosts group tours and individual clients from South Africa, Colombia, Ecuador, and Argentina United Kingdom, Canada, Sweden, Norway, and Finland.
The main focus is Birding tours however, the company also leads Photography, Natural History and Cultural Tours.


Uganda has well trained guides and Bird Uganda safaris through its Director Herbert Byaruhanga has been instrumental in training bird guides. Having been trained as a trainer of guides in South Africa in 2001, Herbert Byaruhanga started training guides in the country. The company therefore is able to hire qualified and graded guides with levels ranging from Bronze, Silver and Gold.



We offer inspiring experiences on primates in Uganda and Rwanda. Tracking Mountain Gorillas is still high on the bucket list of the lifetime activities of many travellers . Looking into the eyes of the Mountain Gorillas is refreshing and is not probably an activity that you will do many times. Chimpanzee tracking is very enriching as you follow them in the forests where they roam looking for fruits especially the fig trees. Mountain Gorilla tracking and Habituation, Chimpanzee tracking and habituation and Golden monkeys


The company’s itineraries are well researched and tested by the guides and have improved over the years based on recommendations and reviews from clients. The company is constantly on the look out for new locations since most of the region is unexplored.


Although the tours are scheduled and set, the company is flexible and always ready to customise a tour based on a clients needs.


Since 2006 Bird Uganda Safaris has been present on most of the popular Birding festivals and conventions through out the United States and Europe. Bird Uganda Safaris was the first Ugandan tour company to exhibit at the American Birding Convention in Maine Bangor in 2006. Subsequently the company has been at British Birdwatching Fair, South Africa Bird Fair, African Birding Expo, South America Bird Fair, Asian Bird Fair, Rio Grand Birding Festival, Cape May Birding Festival and Space Coast Birding Festival. The staff are always available for a face to face meeting to provide more clarification on the services offered

Uganda is one of Africa’s richest areas for birds. There are magnificent ancient forests, papyrus-fringed swamps and lakes, as well as wide-open plains. It is home Bizarre Shoebill. We plan our itineraries to maximize our chances of locating this special bird around the country.

We are members and sponsors of Uganda Bird Guides Club, Uganda Women Birders Club, Uganda Young Birders Club, Uganda Safari Guides Association, Nature Uganda, Association of Uganda Tour Operators ( AUTO) and several other community groups in the country.

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Most of our tours primarily natural history with focus on birds. We encounter lots of interesting mammals, plants and trees, people, reptiles, amphibians, and interesting things along the way. Our highly trained guides will help you see, identify, and understand the different aspects of these attractions.
Gorilla tracking, Golden Monkey tracking, and Chimpanzee Tracking, are usually an optional excursion and those not wishing to do them, can spend time interacting with the communities in the community walks, or looking the excellent birds around.


As wildlife tourism struggles to resurrect after being hard-hit by the COVID 19 pandemic, the onus remains on us to ensure that the wildlife remains alive. We feel that the patrons of the wildlife need to keep hope alive and this is only most possible when they see travelers still coming to see wildlife despite the unbearable current challenges.

We have no doubt that there are travelers like us who want to be out there with the animals despite the current global health and financial challenges. Therefore we at Bird Uganda Safaris have made a decision to contribute to this cause by offering this non-profit making Uganda Birding and Wildlife Tour